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Paroles de Cinema de Ya Boy, Twista

Cinema est une chanson de Ya Boy, Twista pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 26/10/2012.

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Yeah, real niggas stand up,
Tonight we gonn take you to the convict cinema
A move, starring straight out the windy city, Chicago Illinois
My nigga twista, straight out the bay area, California
I be ya boy, when I be the rock star

Man I swear they ain't ready for a nigga like me
40 cal with extended clip under my white t
Make it rain on the nigggas them hit them with lightning
That's on, mask on, the scene is frightening
And I swear I showed up with an army of killas
Big on banana clip baby I'm a gorilla
On my mama grand mama ain't nobody killer
How they kill the cali, swear to god nobody iller
Put my head low then I threw my gang up
Threw a few hoes in my new race truck
These niggas ain't dropping, they loosing they touch
Convict, California, they all blame us
3 or 4 goons in the back of the van
And if we can't find you then we clapping your man
Acting an ass when you slide through
Better hide you, and put you somewhere they can find you
Tallying my list up, while I'm being twist up, marijuana twist up
Kill yourself, wrist cut
... on my fist up, listen on the ...
Kiss y all goodbye, put you in the sky
I shall not lie, all I know is ride
You might get out of line, if you ain't no messiah
Real niggas don't die, put that on my life
And put your hands up high, feel I'm ready to shine, nigga

Stick em up, hit em up, lift em up,
Put em in the ground
Dig em up, spit em up, break em down, flip em up
We about to make a movie, cinema
We about to make a movie, cinema
We about to make a movie, cinema
We about to make a movie, cinema
We about to make a movie, cinema

Twista coming back and I'm fin to destroy
Anything in my way soon as I deploy
Killer from Illinois, I let off any ammunition
No mission, but now I gotta do it with your boy
Murdering is a joy, leaving up this body with the bullets from a shottie
When he go off through a stress he gonn do a somersault
Shooting up the Maserati, tearing up the whole party
Cause you gotta have them killer with you, become a boss
Showing like is a cinema, then i'ma hit them, with venomous ...never defy me
You think you fucking with it, try me
I'ma ... showing off what the cabby niggas doing
Whenever we give it to them...
Competition copping at me, it's absurd
Look at the way I kick it and the way I paper work
Strike at them enemies like I can control them birds
Straight from California to Chicago with the herb
Rolling with real niggas is a duty, push them motherfuckers
I can uzi like I feel the buss...
Pick up the location, it's about to be a movie, cinema


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