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Paroles de Lock Down de DJ Drama, Ya Boy, Akon

Lock Down est une chanson de DJ Drama, Ya Boy, Akon pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le mercredi 12 octobre 2011.

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Testing one, two, three... Akon and YB...

Ya Boy
Lock down time to make my block proud
California own twenty four I will watch now
There's been a take over baby hostile
Yea the young cali convict got the rock now
I hear the rumors saying that I'm just pop now
Like they never heard a hood n-gga with a hot style
I got the hills to burns and the block now
Old b-tchs wanna holla at me cause I'm hot now
I gotta new b-tch sitting in my drop now
Song on the radio album bout to drop now
Music lives in California livin proof
Ya boy to rock a Konvict, what it do
I been had with these other n-ggas gettin to
Take ya girl home and make her earn all them gemmy jewels
I hope you like heat cause it's hot in the kitchen boo
Do you have service, am I gettin through

[Refrain] Akon
Hey, I know you heard we got the drop now
Konvicts supplyin n-ggas round the clock now
Gettin money am I forced to put the glock down
Glock Down, Glock Down
We expanded all the pipes now
And I'm a get accustomed to this lifestyle
No more spending all my cons tryin to fight trials
Lock Down, Lock down
Cause victory is my my my my my my my my my mine
Cause victory all is my my my my my my my my my mine

Ya Boy
Another watch, another chain, another charm cocked
Time to wake these n-ggas up like alarm clocks
I see em hatin so we gotta keep the arms cocked
I'm the reason CA on storm watch
It's bout to get ugly no whoopie gold
Superstar still in the kitchen whippin Os
Toss it to my youngest call me when you get it gone
F-ck a rap n-gga we about to get it on
I'm speaking fo california from the top down
Holla at Ya Boy I got it locked down
I tried to tell em this foreva like a diamond
I'm so hot shawty I could change the climate


And as days pass by like a G7
And all my hustlas on the corner of 7/11
Po alert on the ground and I start reppin
For all the homies layin down restin up in heaven
And I hope you watchin down
And proud of how we just locked it down
Don't let nothin stop the cash or get caught up
In the streets that's how we brought up

Ya Boy
I'm from a city where the fiends shoot up and spark
Load up the ammo it's time to shoot up the charts
Game cold baby you might need a scarf
Rockstar but I'm riddin like noah's ark
Louis shades, dolce and gabana cloth
Your girl know I stay fly like santa clause
On the road with a trunk full of Asher Roth
We gon pop rose when the package off
I swear to god I went and got the bay crackin ya'll
But I could'ntdo it without LA backin though
N-ggas say they gon get me, I laugh it off
Cause they know I keep shooters like basketball
Lock it down make Kon through away the key
Real n-gga, record deal ain't changin me
It took a while but we still got from a to z
I put in work n-gga what you gotta say to me


Cause victory is all my my my my my my my my my mine
Cause victory is all my my my my my my my my my mine
Cause victory is all my my my my my my my my my mine

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