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Paroles de 2 Is Better de Far East Movement, Natalia Kills, Ya Boy

2 Is Better est une chanson provenant de l'album Free Wired de Far East Movement, Natalia Kills, Ya Boy sorti en 2010.
Les paroles ont été ajoutées en février 2011.

Les paroles de 2 Is Better ont été corrigées autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort possible qu'il y ait encore des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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I like girls that like girls
So they have an open invitation to my world
If you know one, I am open to referrals
So go and tell a girl to tell a girl to tell a girl (girl girl girl)
I like girls that like me,
So you and me and her can have a fun menag-a-three
Let's party in the club, in the whip or in the sheets
Doesn't matter how we party, long as I am in between

There's something about her, there's something about you
There's something about us, that makes me just want to
So we can have Fun fun fun fun fun
Cause 2 is better than 1

Pink ring on, Hes so pimpin, Louis V on, shes so temptin
When I met her she was like he Different
Just try it girl stop trippin
Turn the club to a bedroom, you and her, we got leg room
Did you hear what I said boo? I want you, and your friend too
We can do all the above, ya'll gonna make a nigga fall in love,
BFFs and it's all because, you both use me like a party drug,
Now tell me how you want YB, grab her arm and just stay by me,

I'll show you how to have some fun, the number 1 rule is 2s better than 1.


I see you, you see me, I see her too let's be 3,
Don't hate, you can all get some, 2 is better than 1
I know shes down, call her up, roll on thru let's get messed up
Don't hate, you can all get some, 2 is better than 1

2 is Better than 1, 2 Is Better than 1


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