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Paroles de Get Her High de Ya Boy, Wiz Khalifa

Get Her High est une chanson de Ya Boy, Wiz Khalifa pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 11/02/2011.

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I pull up on that girl like baby you like my wheels
Come, hop up in my car, lets take a ride through the hills
She's addicted to me because I get her high
I get her high, I get her high

Ya Boy
Fast Living, fast women
They like to dive in that money, look she back swimming
She back grinning
I'm cash spending (?) Rodeo Drive, 5th Ave'n it
I'm not your average I'm well established
And I can introduce you to good living and lavishness
Establishments, flashy whips
The baddest bitch, baby the man's a pimp
Why me, rockstar in the flesh
She never knew she had rockstars in the west
I never knew Marciano could make a perfect dress
How do you make it look like that, your the best
J12 Chanel baby, that watch nice
You know I'm famous, I put her in the spotlight
Lets hit the night spot then I hit the spot right
Get her in that thing and just go, no stop lights


Ya boy
I do my thing from the Range to the planes
I can't say that since I got money I've been the same
Sushi dinners, Miami summers
New York Winters, I'm a big spender
I get Louie delivered, Gucci flown in
We flew out, got our iPhone roaming
You knew how I did her, n-gga just check her twitter
I bet a million she say the rockstar with her
Yeah, lets hit Sunset before the sun sets
She ask what's next, well, baby I love sex
Rough sex, Wild sex, hot sex, 'bout sex
We in the bedroom banging like gunplay
Girl you taste like an ice cream sundae
We can wake up in the morning, do it all over
We in the fast lane until they pull the car over


Wiz Khalifa
Got her choice of any drug, she said I'm her favorite though
(?) enough to go around, said she like to face it though
Just like a lady, drive Mercedes, got your own
So how can I be a bad influence, Miss we grown
You sending me pics with nothing but them Vicky's on
Sidekick sex, we iPhone bone
Butter taste it so she take it all the way down her throat
I'll make you famous, call you Miss but not an Oh, oh, oooh
And if ya n-gga got a problem, tell him see us, see us
She smell our aroma, sweet as California
Calling me her medicine, higher than she ever been
It was better than the weekend with the stars
Well, rou can have it all, get the dream house with the car
You and your girls, day spa, getting foot massages
Lot of rock n roll, sex and the drugs...


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