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Paroles de The Great Conversation de Charlie Winston

Charlie Winston vous propose d'écouter The Great Conversation, le single extraite de son album Running Still.
Les paroles ont été ajoutées le mardi 07 août 2012.

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Guten abend, hier Beethoven
With these words I've interwoven inspiration from Moonlight
Since you parted much has changed but your melodies remain
Like flamingos in full flight
Please forgive me and be assured I'm only using all your chords
To illustrate that nothing's ever new
And it seems these days there's little left that people have to say
As they pay for emperors new clothes

But I refuse to take my hat to an era near extinction
Without question or complaint
The dialogue is growing weak, some forgetting how to speak,
Or stand up and show restraint
They're all sick with common sense
Riddled thick with complacence
Where there's nothing left to push against
So, dear Ludwig, that is why I choose the great gig in the sky
Where there are greater minds beyond mine

And I'll meet they them all
Yes, I'll meet you all
In the great conversation
Without time, without reason I'll meet you all
Yes, I'll meet you all In the great conversation
Where time has no place, no, no

Is it me, or has humanity turned slave to the convenience
Of this, so called, 'Techno Age'?
I speak to you, Ludwig, because you represent a time so opposite,
When music filled the page
For example: this song here may be too much to please the ear
Because it's wordy and demonstrative,
But my might is not to entertain the plight of human thought,
Though some may think I ought to


Dare I say, (as a landscape fades to grey) that a sword of Damocles hangs heavy overhead
Of all our voices great.

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