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Paroles de Unlike Me de Charlie Winston

Unlike Me est une chanson issue de l'album Running Still de Charlie Winston sorti en 2011.
Les paroles sont présentes depuis le 04/01/2013.

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You don't stop,
Day to day,
Up and down,
Picking up,
No one ever sees.
Memories take a toll,
Old wounds never go.
Look 'n see
Find a way,
Way to be
Safer in your skin

Try to
Stay cool,
Keep low,
Let go,
Nowhere left to run.
Rain dogs,
Freak clouds,
No words.
You be
You're own worst
With no one left to blame.

You better find someone,
You better find someone,
You better find someone,
Unlike me

Has a home,
Have a guess
Where it is,
Have you ever been
To see
Pain and
Living together?
Some say
They play,
Take turns
Each day
To make sweat happiness.

Don't start
Big heart,
Don't cry
Little fly,
Buzzing around your head.
In time
You'll find
These crimes
Behind you.
All said,
All done,
Who loves The sun
Shining evermore?
Shining evermore

[Refrain] (x2)
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