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Paroles de We Don't Get Down Like Y'all de T.I., B.o.B

We Don't Get Down Like Y'all est une chanson de T.I., B.o.B pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 21/08/2011.

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[Refrain] B.o.B
We don't get down like y'all
Na, na, na, na,
Na, na, na, na,
We don't get down like y'all
Sucka nigga, we don't get down like y'all!

It's been a lot of back and forth over this and that
So I don't pick the bobo no more, I just get it, Fact!
Listen, pimpin', let me tell you what the business here
Y'all know some so I'mma tell you what the difference here
See, we're old school, you're just old news
We used to move blow, and you just blow dude
See we the talk of the town, me and my whole crew
You run around town gossip, like the hoe do
See you name-drop when nobody knows you
We get the lames out our sector, like we 'posed to
My crew, we cop the Bentley, Brooklyn and the Rolls too
You give her roses I'm the one she bring the rose to
So you say you're shining, well I guess I'm shining more
So high up, I'm soaring, thirty I'm like a dinosaur, carnivore
(Meat) Me year, G they respect,
Me to you like a comparing a vet to a cadet, nigga

[Refrain] B.o.B

Don't call it the comeback
Getting right? being from the fed pen
Pull up on them suckers, pop the trunk and tell 'em get in!
I thought I lost well guess again
Back to balling, getting bread, bring the checks in
Yeah, like we did on my last case
I show you how to make a blessing out of bad breaks
Hey, let me set you niggas ass straight
Hoe want there clothes back, loosen up fag boy!
Them hot pants bad for your prostate
Lime green high, pink up drag queen, hot date
At stores asking for the same size the bitches buy
They say is hip, but where I'm from we call it sissified

[Refrain] B.o.B

Before us there was none, after us no more than ever be
This is the greatest show on Earth you ever seen
I still do it for my nigga in the streets, getting into
Blowing money like my nigga, Big Meach just to do it
Say we're blowing money fast, big old money bag
3 /400 cash just to make them suckers mad
Back in the saddle the winner of every battle
Been the best since I was rapping in the rattle, world travel
As you comment on the rumors of what have you beware, dude
Prayer can't prepare you, how dare you?
Disrespect my presence peasants, I will tear you,
A new one, I poop on, your ego is ?
Rolls Royce back seat, no great coupon
A true don, Three piece cashmere suit on
Pion, see it ain't no neon on my new ones
Hear the truth on every song I spew on, Blow

[Refrain] B.o.B

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